Weekly Wave #7

Weekly Wave #7

It’s been 6 months since I started.


And in my little black book, it says that I need to do a “grand status”.

The “6 months grand status” after leaving employment.

What does that mean?

Well, should I continue on this solopreneur journey.. Or should I give up and find a job?

Financially speaking, it hasn’t been going as fast as I hoped for. But I think I am to blame, because I focused too much om creating a new course—and too little on selling the ones I already had.

Looking at my happiness levels, I think my decision on whether to continue or not is pretty easy.

I’ve never felt better and more free. I love the daily walks, the social energy reserved for friends and family, the simplicity in working alone and the convenience of working from home.


And I’ve freelanced a bit – for an old Webly client. Very cool concept soon to be released.


I’ve just finished the 1.0 version of my Definitive Guide to Vyond.


It’s supposed to get some traffic from Google and to be sort of a landing page for other initiatives.

I made it by imitating Brian Dean from Backlinko, who does these really long lists and succeeds with getting loads of traffic and backlinks from them.

Thanks to him!

I wish an amazing last day of summer, and an amazing week!


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