Weekly Wave #6

Weekly Wave #6

Only time will tell weather something was a mistake or not. I’ve spent a whole lot of time creating a new course – and it might fail.

It also might succeed. Only time will tell.

It’s kind of “anti-iterative” to sit at home for 4 months and work on something secret.

Not at all what I learned in business school. Build something small. Launch it. Get feedback. Improve it. Launch again.

Why didn’t I do that with my newest course?

Because I just wanted to produce something different. Something of high value to me. That I know will help some people, at least.

The format is fully-animated. That takes a whole lot of time, I promise you. 90 minutes of lessons. Each lesson takes about a day to produce. You do the math.

Sturgeon’s law – “90% of everything is crap” – has been a motivator. I don’t want to make more crap. The World doesn’t need that.

I believe that iterations with customers are golden – insanely valuable for almost any case.

But sometimes, you just do it. Even though it’s not what the books say. You just build. You just create.

Because you’re in love with the process.

And that is something to look out for.

Falling in love with some process – video creation, writing, painting a picture.

If you feel it, you want to hold on. And preferably make it your full-time occupation.

I won’t write Weekly Waves for the next 3 weeks, as I’ll be hiking Norway’s mountains with friends and girlfriend(s).

A friend just told me, he reads these. Thanks for caring.

See you in August.


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