Weekly Wave #4

Weekly Wave #4

This week, the creative juices are flowing freely. Here’s a quick rhyme around choosing the right kind of work.

Imagine your are in a room of work.
Inside is familiar and safe.
Not sure you chose to be here yourself.
Were told to just walk and behave.

But what if this room is not for you?
Could you go back and retry?
Wish you could press pause and try a new room?
A room with no need to apply.

Three doors to three rooms are open to you.
Three lives can be chosen at will.
Different than being employed by someone.
Not right if you love to chill.

The first door leads to the freelance room.
It’s here you sell your hours.
But not to a person who owns the room.
It’s yours and you keep the flowers.

Next door reads solopreneurship up top.
In here, time is not for sale.
Courses or e-books, software or sound.
A product is what you must nail.

Third door is well-known, it’s trendy indeed.
The label reads entrepreneur.
Build a big business that makes a big difference.
With hundreds of people, “Yes, sir”.

Those are the doors you can enter at will.
You don’t have to do it at all.
Do you love what you do – and can do it once more?
Then you know you’ve made the right call.

Have a great week!

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  1. Michelle Meade

    Great poem, Rued. Creative indeed!

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