Weekly Wave #3

Weekly Wave #3

Don’t compare yourself to others, but to yourself yesterday. If you’re able to move forward from who you were then, all is good.

That’s the main lesson of last week. Or maybe just a reminder of an obvious truth, we’ve all experienced at some point.

Last week, I was sitting by the harbor at Lynetten, waiting for some friends to arrive at the restaurant we were supposed to eat at. I was a bit early, so I put down my bag, found a good spot and flipped out the phone. I opened the Mail app and found one of the newsletters, I hadn’t read yet. This one was from Brian Dean, and he told me a story of how he had gone from being a freelance journalist to building a 7-figure course business in a couple of years.

Normally, I love to read these success stories, but right then and there, I had just had enough of it. This time, a good success story didn’t lift me up, it made me tired. I hit the Home button and put the iPhone away. Looking at the boats in the harbour, I thought to myself that I needed a “motivation diet”, with less rockstar stories and more focus on my own path.

Sometimes, you got to put away the videos, books, articles about your heroes, and just concentrate on where you were yesterday. Am I moving forward? Am I better today than yesterday? Am I progressing with whatever project, I am working on? Good. Then nothing else counts.

Last week was also about finishing up a project for an old client. Catching a fish and eating it for lunch. About becoming the chairman of a guild of old friends from the dorm days. And about enjoying the Danish summer weather by taking long walks and eating outside as much as possible. Food just tastes better outside.

Have a great week.


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