Weekly Wave #2

Weekly Wave #2

Hi there. Here are some of the events and bite-sized learnings derived from the last 7 days.


Last week, an old customer from the agency days asked for help with a video. I’d actually decided to “not sell hours”, but he’s a great guy and I decided to say yes.

I do think you should stick to your own rules. Listen to your inner employer first. But also—only stick to a principle as long as it serves you. And be fine with breaking your own rules now and then, to explore an opportunity or to just switch things up a little bit.

Beggars can’t be choosers, and in an upstart period, you want to appreciate all the help you can get. If you speak Danish, you want to get to know Per Wimmer and watch this video of him talking about early revenue from people who think what you do is “amusing”.


I went to meet the people from Børsen Academy—a learning platform for Danish businesses and organizations. They both create the content and platform needed for training employees.

They are also the Danish reseller of the animation software I use, and we are probably joining forces in pushing Vyond out into the Danish e-learning space.

On my bike ride home, I thought about the importance of reaching out, asking for help and making yourself playable—even if you insist on working solo. The energy that comes from people wanting to help you is amazing.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Outreach to people in my network that also work with online teaching in some way is going to be a weekly habit. The synergies that emmerge will carry you much further and faster than if on your own.

Do you work with e-learning? Or online teaching? Let’s connect!


On my Tallsome account, I’ve gotten direct responses to content, I’ve put on Instagram – with no bad intentions whatsoever. A picture of my happy face. A picture of me with a grey facemask on. Consequently, I was called a sociapath and a racist.

I know everything has a context, and the timing for my posts was held up against what’s happening in the world regarding covid-19 and the killing of George Floyd. Still, I don’t thing that everything must be viewed through these lenses.

I’ve been working on creating my own quote, it’s not quite there yet, but here’s the work in progress.

If you want to be heard, you will have to get hurt.

Rued Riis

What I’m trying to say is that such comments will be inevitable if you put yourself out there. Sticking your nose out will expose it to getting slapped. As long as the intentions are good (and I keep fine-tuning my situational awareness), I think you just need to let the comments slide.

Lesson learned is that the people seeing ghosts everywhere shouldn’t make you stop publishing, sharing or talking online. Don’t get scared by negativity. It’s part of the game.

Those were some of things I saw, did and learned last week.

Thanks for caring. Have a great week.


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