Webinar Manifesto

Webinar Manifesto

Online teaching doesn’t have to be Netflix entertaining. It just can’t be boring either.

Teaching online is not just rambling on about a topic—with only a vague idea of the destination. Classrooms can handle the rambling. But online, we don’t accept the same level of casual conversation. A great online lesson is structured, if not scripted. The information density is high, and the progression fast.

Teaching online is a “sound waves and pixels” version of the teacher. It’s not the real, enchanting you. If you don’t work with the quality of the broadcast, your message will suffer from the medium. Get a good mic. Set up the shot. When teaching goes online, teachers have to learn about quality broadcasting.

Teaching online is not about surrendering to a full-screen slideshow takeover. Don’t let those black-on-white bullets hang there for minutes at a time. Offline to online demands the creation of new content. Make it dynamic—with animations and video clips.

And remember—we are not competing with watching Game of Thrones. Students want to learn and dedicate the time to it. We just cannot bore people to death with teaching that (barely) works in a classroom. A clear structure, high-quality broadcasting and dynamic content is a place to start.

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