Day 1 in the new life

Day 1 in the new life

I’m rounding off the first week in my new ‘Solopreneurship’ life. The goal is freedom, flexibility and time. Something I haven’t been able to combine in previous work-lives.

Day 1 was on Monday, and it was the beginning of a laptop-life, working from home and making my own lunch.

The first couple of months is going to be “heads down”, working hard on scaling those little things that already work.

What works already? works – this blog generates a steady stream of income every month.

And my Vyond course works too. People give it great ratings, and there’s a sound stream of revenue from the course too.

My heart lies with the teaching. The course productions. The sharing of knowledge.

That is what I am going to be focusing on in the future.

But right now, I’ll be directing my attention to doing “more of what works”. And even though that’s not the sexiest projects right now, these projects enable the next thing.

And the next.


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  1. Kelly Osborn

    I’m trying the same approach. Also a proud generalist with a master’s degree in urban planning, enough tech and design skills to keep me busy, founder of a nonprofit, environmentalist, gardener, bicyclist and world traveler, I’m trying to find a satisfying way to support my interests. I really enjoyed your Vyond course, which helped me land a great gig producing a training animation for a major medical firm. It was so much fun to work on…more so because I had some mad skills thanks to the course! Anyway, I look forward to following your endeavor!

    1. ruedriis

      Sounds like you have a wide range of interesting and skills – a true generalist indeed 🙂 And it really warms my heart to read your comment on how you got a job based on the Vyond course. Just makes it totally worth while creating the course.
      I wish you all the best!

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